About eSimon

We’re into all kinds of stuff. Cars. Sports. Food. Movies. Travel. Shopping and more. Also, we like to build stuff. Like a platform that helps businesses grow into the Digital Economy.
eSimon is for our sisters project (Hi Sis), for eCommerce newbies, for personalities wanting to monetize their following, for eBusiness entrepreneurs launching a start-up, for social conscious projects building engagement, and a host of other social and transactional applications.
It’s a place where we share our thoughts and passions - communicate a brand - engage an audience - monetize a following - and launch an innovative venture.
What seems like a Swiss Army Knife of features and functionality is actually a purpose-built platform to aid organizations into the Digital Economy.
It’s been a journey of four years in the making, and we’re so glad you’re here for the ride.

World, meet eSimon.