Welcome to eSimon...

We are social curation for business.

We enable businesses to curate their content profile and promote it across eSimon, and amplify it through other social networks.
eSimon provides a B2B2C architecture for businesses, big or small, to build a complete topology of information, relationship and roles in operating and growing a business. Oh yes, we also include transactional capabilities in our services. More importantly, we provide a number of tools to improve business practices and generate new business models.
But, we're not just about supply chains and transactional services. Our collaborative attributes and relational database makes it easy for non-profit organizations and social or professional communities to cultivate contribution, share expertise, and build teamwork.

What can eSimon do for you?
If you're a Brand or Enterprise, we facilitate compelling and interactive customer journey's for your consumers, and build an architecture that utilizes your downstream stakeholders in capturing customer insights.
If you're an Entrepreneur, we provide a quick and easy method for you to set-up an online business and get connected to consumers. You will have access to tools that allow you to collaborate with third parties, measure sales and social engagement and facilitate transactions in operating your business or building a market.
If you're a Social Enterprise, we provide a unique model to inform and engage your supporters in developing a self-sustaining socio-economic model.
If you're a Social Influencer with a substantial following on other social media platforms, we provide several methods to monetize that following without having to migrate them.
With eSimon, businesses can apply content curation as a marketing tactic, leverage influencer marketing to build awareness, and segment customer engagement in increasing their consumer conversion.
We look forward to helping you build a better business. Find out more at eSimon.
-- Get engaged, get eSimon.